Welcome to Transform!

Transform is a WordPress plugin that reads JSON or XML* feeds and transforms the feeds to HTML using display templates written in Dust (for JSON) or XSLT (for XML). Feeds and displays can be URLs to pages on the local or a remote web server, a path to a file on the site’s web server or static text in the WordPress database.

* Transforming XML feeds requires XSLT support in PHP (see http://php.net/manual/en/xsl.installation.php).

The unregistered version of the Transform plugin allows the creation of five Transform instances. To have more than five instances the Transform plugin needs to be registered.

Transform Recent News and Articles

  • Adding Basic Authentication Headers to a Request - If your web feed requires an HTTP Basic Authentication header you can add the header information as part of your feed definition. Note, if you use a basic authentication header with your feed be sure to use a URL that begins with https to ensure that the username and password in the header are not decodable… Read More »
  • Using the OpenWeatherMap API with Transform - In our newest example of Transform we created a tutorial on how to use the OpenWeatherMap.org API and Transform to display the current weather condition. We used a Transform setting to store the API key so that it can be reused and easily updated across multiple feeds.
  • Creating a Web Service for Use with Transform - Today we created a new page that describes how to create a web service that can be used by Transform as a feed from a MySQL database. Using the techniques described you could integrate nearly any database to your WordPress sites.